Handbook of Research on End-to-End Cloud Computing Architecture Design

Jianwen “Wendy” Chen (IBM, Australia), Yan Zhang (Western Sydney University, Australia) and Ron Gottschalk (IBM, Australia)
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Release Date : October, 2016  |  Copyright : © 2017  |  Pages : 507
ISBN13 : 9781522507598  |  ISBN10 : 1522507590  |  EISBN13 : 9781522507604  |  DOI : 10.4018/978-1-5225-0759-8


Cloud computing has become integrated into all sectors, from business to quotidian life. Since it has revolutionized modern computing, there is a need for updated research related to the architecture and frameworks necessary to maintain its efficiency.

The Handbook of Research on End-to-End Cloud Computing Architecture Design provides architectural design and implementation studies on cloud computing from an end-to-end approach, including the latest industrial works and extensive research studies of cloud computing. This handbook enumerates deep dive and systemic studies of cloud computing from architecture to implementation. This book is a comprehensive publication ideal for programmers, IT professionals, students, researchers, and engineers.