Geological Field Sketches and Illustrations

A Practical Guide

Edited : Matthew J. Genge

Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication 2020
ISBN 9780198835929
eISBN 9780191873317
Page 320
Language English


Learning to draw field sketches is an essential task for geologists, however it is often overlooked. This book presents simple techniques, useful tips and detailed examples to teach geologists how to draw rocks successfully. Field sketches are the best way to record the natural world, and yet they are one of the most difficult parts of fieldwork to master. This book shows how to go about drawing the key elements of geology in and out of the field and is a practical guide that will help you improve your diagrams and the quality of your notes. Through simple rules, useful tips and detailed examples the author describes how to go about drawing outcrops, structures, hand specimens and thin-sections and what features need to be observed and recorded. If you’ve ever wished you could draw geology better, this book is for you.