Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook: A practical guide for planners, developers and communities

AUTHOR(S) : Barbara Carroll, Josh Fothergill, Jo Murphy and Trevor Turpin

ISBN : 9780727761415
PUBLICATION DATE : 18 November 2019
FORMAT : Paperback
PUBLISHER : ICE Publishing
PAGE SIZE : 297 x 210mm


Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook, Third edition offers a comprehensive practical guide to the requirements of environmental impact assessment (EIA) in accordance with UK regulations. Explaining the EIA process and legal procedures in a clear and straightforward way, the authors employ their extensive practical experience to cover each of the steps and associated studies needed to undertake an EIA and to produce a successful environmental statement.

Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook is fully updated in line with EU legislation for ensuring protection of the environment from new development, including the 2014 EU directive transposed into UK law in 2017, which heralds a step-change in scope and approach.

Written by practitioners for practitioners, covering procedures, environmental issues and other associated assessments, Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook

  • presents the requirements of EIA in a readily accessible and practical way
  • inspires good EIA practice with the use of case studies
  • informs and guides the early and effective use of EIA
  • demonstrates how improvements in EIA practice facilitate better-informed planning decisions
  • outlines the procedures associated with strategic environmental assessment and demonstrates its benefits.

Including full cross-referencing and links to further information, Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook provides an invaluable overview and step-by-step guide for local authority planners, environmental regulators, consultants and all professionals working on development proposals. Students and community groups will also find this a valuable text.