Environmental Geotechnics in Practice: Introduction and Case Studies

AUTHOR(S) : Robert W. Sarsby

ISBN : 9780727763631
PUBLICATION DATE : 06 September 2019
FORMAT : Hardback
PUBLISHER : ICE Publishing
PAGE SIZE : 243 x 170


Environmental Geotechnics in Practice is an informative and practical guide to the study of land-based waste disposal. The book identifies the key elements of a variety of waste disposal systems, and explains their role in protecting the environment. Using the most significant case histories from across the world where key lessons have been learned the book provides an engaging introduction to this important field.
The cases described all concern land-based waste disposal sites where there is significant interaction between ground engineering and the environment. Together they demonstrate that whatever the type of waste being disposed of it is possible to use geotechnical principles and practices to design a suitable facility. The author explains how the lessons from these historical cases can help current designers and constructers of waste disposal facilities to address the problems posed by climate change and land shortage. The book provides a broad coverage of environmental geotechnics relating to the performance of landfill sites, treatment of contaminated and damaged land, and stability of waste dumps (tips, tailings and lagoons).

Environmental Geotechnics in Practice will encourage readers to critically appraise the applicability of any design concept and data for the whole lifetime of a waste disposal project. The book will be of interest to a wide readership including professionals working in geotechnical engineering, environmental scientists, geology, and waste management, and also students of these subject areas.

Book Reviews

The book is a useful compendium of topics in environmental geotechnics, based on a wide range of case studies from around the world. The author has resisted the temptation to go into too much detail, but the mechanisms of failure or behaviour are clearly and concisely explained. Environmental geotechnics is now an established branch of the discipline of ground engineering, thanks, in part, to the author’s contribution over the past two or three decades. This book neatly charts its history, and provides an interesting and practical snapshot of its current state of development. To anyone running or developing a master’s level course in environmental geotechnics, this book would be a valuable core text and resource.

William Powrie, Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, University of Southampton

This is environmental geotechnics in practice focused on over 25 case histories, each meticulously analysed to identify key issues. A superbly referenced book of real world experience; essential reading for those who wish to learn from the history of environmental geotechnics and look to its future.

Stephan Jefferis, Director Environmental Geotechnics Ltd