Engineering Methods for Precipitation Under a Changing Climate

Edited : J. Rolf Olsen & Kelcy T. Adamec

Publisher American Society of Civil Engineers
Copyright Year 2020
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN 9780784415528 (Print)
9780784482759 (PDF)
Page 135
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Selected papers from the ASCE Workshop on Engineering Methods for Precipitation under a Changing Climate, held in Reston, Virginia, May 30, 2017. Sponsored by the Subcommittee on Hydroclimatology and Engineering Adaptation of the Committee on Adaptation to a Changing Climate of ASCE.

This collection contains seven peer-reviewed papers on engineering design for precipitation extremes.

Topics include engineering methods for designing for and managing precipitation extremes and floods throughout the life cycle of a building, approaches to uncertainty and how acceptable risk is determined, and interactions with climate scientists on engineering needs for climate information and projections. Also included is a report on the discussions held during the workshop and the conclusions and recommendations that were drawn.

This report provides information to practitioners and researchers working to ensure functional infrastructure while adapting to extreme precipitation changes.