Energy and Mobility in Smart Cities: International perspectives on innovation

AUTHOR(S) : William J Nuttall, David V Gibson, Dariusz Trzmielak and Alejandro Ibarra-Yunez

ISBN : 9780727764256
PUBLICATION DATE : 25 October 2019
FORMAT : Hardback
PUBLISHER : ICE Publishing
PAGE SIZE : 234 x 156mm


Energy and Mobility in Smart Cities brings together a collection of expert perspectives focusing on key themes underlying successful smart city developments. With a particular emphasis on developments relating to energy and mobility, the book provides a far-reaching analysis of key drivers of innovation. It explores potential opportunities and challenges associated with the rise of digital infrastructure and smart cities technology.

The book is divided into four parts. Part 1 covers the changing nature of communities in the digital age, while Part 2 looks at mobility in smart cities, including the development of autonomous smart vehicles, and key innovations in logistics and transport. Part 3 focuses on energy and covers electricity markets in transition economies as well as the role of renewable energy in future smart energy systems. Part 4, on governance, examines political issues shaping the smart future, and principles of sustainable development, inclusivity and transparency in smart city development. Together, the chapters emphasise the importance of engineers working across disciplinary boundaries and recommend adopting an integrated approach for successful smart city development.
Energy and Mobility in Smart Cities will be essential reading for researchers and postgraduate students.Also it will be a useful tool for consultants, senior-level engineers, city planners, government officials and policy makers.