Electromagnetic Reverberation Chambers

Recent advances and innovative applications

Author(s) :  Guillaume Andrieu

Publisher The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)
Publication Year 2020
eISBN 9781785619328
ISBN 9781785619311
Page 250
Language English


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This book offers state of the art information about a novel range of applications for electromagnetic reverberation chambers. It is written by international experts in electromagnetic theory, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and antenna design and measurement.

For each application area a renowned researcher introduces the general concepts and then describes the recent advances in that field. The following topics are thus addressed in the context of reverberation chambers in the 9 chapters of the book:

  • Calibration of reverberation chambers with the “well stirred condition” method
  • Performance assessment of the most popular stirring techniques for broadband tests
  • Probabilistic model in the context of radiated susceptibility tests
  • Over-the-air testing of wireless devices
  • Material absorption and dosimetry for animal exposure
  • Characterization of antenna efficiency and radiation pattern
  • Radar cross section estimation

Finally, a concluding chapter identifies and explores some of the exciting developments and open issues that represent emerging trends in reverberation chamber research.
The book is aimed at advanced students and researchers in signal processing, antenna design or EMC who need to know about new applications of reverberation chambers.