Developing Technology Mediation in Learning Environments

Author (s) : Filomena Soares, Ana Paula Lopes, Ken Brown and Anne Uukkivi.

Publisher IG Global
Publication Year 2020
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN 9781799815914
eISBN 9781799815938
Page 347


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Most technologies have been harnessed to enable educators to conduct their business remotely. However, the social context of technology as a mediating factor needs to be examined to address the perceptions of barriers to learning due to the lack of social interaction between a teacher and a learner in such a setting.

Developing Technology Mediation in Learning Environments is an essential reference source that widens the scene of STEM education with an all-encompassing approach to technology-mediated learning, establishing a context for technology as a mediating factor in education. Featuring research on topics such as distance education, digital storytelling, and mobile learning, this book is ideally designed for teachers, IT consultants, educational software developers, researchers, administrators, and professionals seeking coverage on developing digital skills and professional knowledge using technology.