Developing and Designing Circular Cities: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author (s) : Elżbieta Ryńska

Publisher IG Global
Publication Year 2019
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN 9781799818861
Page 194
Language English


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As the world continues to see an expansion of technological innovations, highly populated areas are starting to adopt sustainable solutions to become more energy efficient. The concept of circular cities is a new economic model that reconfigures products and services in such ways as to eliminate the issues of waste and harmful influences and uses alternative energy resources and materials. Many of these principles are currently being implemented in various regions’ policies; however, research is still lacking on the implementation of circular economics in urban areas.

Developing and Designing Circular Cities: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a collection of innovative research on the methods, framework, and implementation of a circular economy within urbanized areas. This book analyzes the various disciplines of circularity within modern cities while also comparing past and future approaches to urban development. While highlighting topics including sustainable development, renewable energy systems, and urban planning, this book is ideally designed for architects, urban planners, contractors, investors, government officials, civil engineers, educators, academicians, researchers, and students.