Design of Terahertz CMOS Integrated Circuits for High-Speed Wireless Communication

Author(s) : Minoru Fujishimaand  Shuhei Amakawa
Publisher The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)
Publication Year 2019
eISBN 9781785613883
ISBN 9781785613876
Page 222
Language English


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Communications technology at a frequency range into Terahertz (THz) levels has attracted attention because it promises near-fibre-optic-speed wireless links for the 5G and post-5G world. Transmitter and receiver integrated circuits based on CMOS, which has the ability to realize such circuits with low power consumption at a low cost, are expected to become increasingly widespread, with much research into the underlying electronics currently underway. This book describes recent research on terahertz CMOS design for high-speed wireless communication. The topics covered include fundamental technologies for terahertz CMOS design, amplifier design, physical design approaches, transceiver design, and future prospects. This concise source of key information, written by leading experts in the field, is intended for researchers and professional circuit designers working in RFIC and CMOS design for telecommunications.