Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Editor(s) : Tamiko L. Cuellar

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EISBN 9781948580755
Copyright Year 2020
In Stock September 15, 2019
ISBN 9781948580762
Pages 100



Insightful and compelling stories with practical exercises and assessments! A lived experience by Cuellar, on how ‘mindset will either create obstacles or opportunities. —Dr. Mauvalyn M. Bowen, Associate Professor of Business & Entrepreneurship, Bethel University, USA

As an entrepreneur and a PhD business student, I now understand the importance of training the mind in order to operate at your full potential. I’m literally eating these pages up! Absolutely amaaaazing! —Tresia Auala, PhD student, University of Namibia Business School, Namibia

Both success and failure start in the mind. From Tamiko’s years of practical experience in coaching entrepreneurs, she has uncovered the #1 reason that some of her clients succeeded while others failed: mindset. This book will help business/MBA students, aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders to think like entrepreneurs in 12 critical focus areas. Readers will uncover hidden thoughts that sabotage success as an entrepreneur. The author will cause you to experience a paradigm shift from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset. The text provides takeaways and practical action items to cultivate entrepreneurial thinking that will revolutionize the conventional approach to business.