Concurrency control and recovery in OLTP systems: high scalability and availability Guo, Jinwei; Zhou, Aoying; Cai, Peng

Author : Guo, Jinwei , Zhou, Aoying & Cai, Peng
Publisher : World Scientific Publishing
Publication year : 2019
Copyright year : 2019
Series : East China Normal University Scientific Reports ; Vol. 9
Pages : 192
Language : English


Transaction processing is fundamental for many modern applications. These applications require the backend transaction processing engines to be available at all times as well as provide a massive horizontal scale for intensive transaction requests.
Concurrency Control and Recovery features recent progress in research in online transaction processing. The book also showcases the authors’ research on a highly scalable OLTP system. Its contents include the designs of an efficient multiple version storage engine, a scalable range optimistic concurrency control, high-performance Paxos-based log replication, global snapshot isolation, and fast follower recovery.
This book is written for professionals, researchers, and graduate students specialising in database systems and its related fields.