Complex Variables and Analytic Functions: An Illustrated Introduction

Authors : Bengt Fornberg and Cécile Piret

Publisher SIAM
Publication 2020
ISBN 978-1-61197-597-0
eISBN 978-1-61197-598-7
Page 361
Language English
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At almost all academic institutions worldwide, complex variables and analytic functions are utilized in courses on applied mathematics, physics, engineering, and other related subjects. For most students, formulas alone do not provide a sufficient introduction to this widely taught material, yet illustrations of functions are sparse in current books on the topic. This is the first primary introductory textbook on complex variables and analytic functions to make extensive use of functional illustrations.</p<

Aiming to reach undergraduate students entering into the world of complex variables and analytic functions, this book

  • Utilizes graphics to visually build on familiar cases and illustrate how these same functions extend beyond the real axis;
  • Covers several important topics that are omitted in nearly all recent texts, including techniques for analytic continuation and discussions of elliptic functions and of Wiener-Hopf methods; and
  • Presents current advances in research, highlighting the subject’s active and fascinating frontier.

The primary audience for this textbook is undergraduate students taking an introductory course on complex variables and analytic functions. It is also geared towards graduate students taking a second semester course on these topics, engineers and physicists who use complex variables in their work, and students and researchers at any level who want a reference book on the subject.