Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy: A Modern Analytical Technique

Editor : William Henry Hunter Woodward

Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication 2021
ISBN 9780841298484
eISBN 9780841298477
Language English
Page 311


Fundamentals and Applications from Academia and Industry

Broadband dielectric spectroscopy (BDS) is a rapidly growing analytical technique in academia and industry that is used to explore the molecular dynamics of polymers, liquids, and solids. Analytical chemists seeking to utilize this technique will find the necessary fundamentals in this work as well as details of experimental practices in polymer dynamics and aqueous systems. Authors from academia provide a diverse overview of different research, and Dr. Hunter Woodward introduces and edits the work with a focus on practice. His experience in industrial research and development across several industries ranging from oil & gas to pharmaceuticals enables him to showcase the connections of a technique that is generally distributed across many journals and fields. Readers will find the practicalities valuable and find inspiration in the examples provided.