Assessment, Testing, and Measurement Strategies in Global Higher Education

Author (s) : Elena Aurel Railean

Publisher IG Global
Publication Year 2020
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN 9781799823148
eISBN 9781799823162
Page 360


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Teachers assist students in order to gain data and to determine whether the instructional objectives have been met. Usually, the assessment process takes place as part of ongoing learning and teaching, periodically and at key transitions. The term “assessment” refers to the wide variety of methods, procedures, and tools used to determine what students know, learn, and how they apply knowledge in concrete situations.

Assessment, Testing, and Measurement Strategies in Global Higher Education is a comprehensive synthesis of correlations between assessment, testing, and measurement in the context of global education. It analyzes the impact of educational technology on learning analytics, challenges of rapidly changing learning environments, and computer-based assessment. Featuring an assortment of topics such as educational technologies, risk management, and metacognition, this book is optimal for academicians, higher education faculty, deans, performance evaluators, practitioners, curriculum designers, researchers, administrators, and students.