Alive After Academia

Post-Career Reflections of Social Work Educators

Spencer James Zeiger

Type : Paperback
Published : 10 September 2019
Page : 120
Size : 235x156mm
ISBN : 9780190068189


Social work educators (SWEs) are doers, thinkers, go-getters, troublemakers, movers, and shakers. In their efforts to convert difficult challenges into positive realities, they live through unique experiences and possess knowledge of lifespan development that qualifies them to be in “better shape” to explore the vicissitudes of aging and envision a rich life beyond the traditional limits of a career. With that said, large numbers of SWEs from the baby-boomer generation have departed from the academy while more wait in the wings; Alive After Academia provides practical information for these professionals navigating the latter stages of their careers. The book incorporates the reflections drawn from interviews with 91 SWEs, who share engaging stories of how their careers have prepared them for “The Next Chapter” (introduced as a more positive alternative to the term “retirement”), post-academic freedom, and new life appreciations. Extending beyond the focus of Spencer James Zeiger’s Career Reflections of Social Work Educators, this text is a particularly useful resource for SWEs wishing to critically examine their life’s work while learning from the experiences of veteran professionals.