Aligning Technology with Business for Digital Transformation

Author (s) : David M. Shapiro

EISBN 9781949991772
ISBN 9781949991765
Copyright Year 2020
Page 183



Over the last decade, digital technology has made deep inroads into every walk of life, but perhaps nowhere more than in the world of business. Technology now plays an enhanced role in driving business success, creating an entirely new paradigm in which business and technology are inseparable. Enterprises must ride the digital wave without losing their grip on the business basics to stay afloat. In this environment, business outcome is heavily dependent on the close alignment between business and technology.

Aligning Technology with Business for Digital Transformation is a guide to discovering the power of business–technology alignment. Gleaned from decades of experience with global corporations that have shaped the current business–technology landscape, it covers an indispensable organizational requirement in a simple and relatable way.

The book focuses on developing alignment as the foundation for a successful digital enterprise. Interlaced with real-life examples and anecdotes, it should help not only organizations in unlocking their true potential but also individuals in building the skills and aptitude necessary for succeeding in the digital world.