A Student's Guide to Newton's Laws of Motion Part of Stude

Hilbert Space Methods in Complex Analysis

Authors :

Sanjoy MahajanMassachusetts Institute of Technology

Publisher Cambridge University Press
Publication Year May 2020
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN 9781108471145
Language English


Newton’s laws of motion, which introduce force and describe how it affects motion, are the gateway to physics – yet they are often misunderstood due to their many subtleties. Based on the author’s twenty years of teaching physics and engineering, this intuitive guide to Newton’s laws of motion corrects the many misconceptions surrounding this fundamental topic. Adopting an informal and pedagogical approach and a clear, accessible style, this concise text presents Newton’s laws in a coherent story of force and motion. Carefully scaffolded everyday examples and full explanations of concepts and equations ensure that all students studying physics develop a deep understanding of Newton’s laws of motion.