A Course on Digital Image Processing with MATLAB®

Author : P K Thiruvikraman

Publisher IOP Publishing Ltd
Publication November 2019
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN (Online) 978-0-7503-2604-9
ISBN (Print) 978-0-7503-2602-5
Page 273
Language English


Concentrating on the principles and techniques of image processing, this book provides an in-depth presentation of key topics, including many techniques not included in introductory texts. Practical implementation of the various image processing algorithms is an important step in learning the subject, and computer packages such as MATLAB facilitate this without the need to learn more complex programming languages. Whilst two chapters are devoted to the MATLAB programming environment and the image processing toolbox, the use of image processing algorithms using MATLAB is emphasised throughout the book, and every chapter is accompanied by a collection of exercises and programming assignments. Including coverage of colour and video image processing as well as object recognition, the book is augmented with supplementary MATLAB code and hints and solutions to problems are also provided.