A variety of formats Courses, books, videos, simulations, mentoring, assessments — with Skillsoft, you can choose a blend of formats to appeal to different learning styles and preferences. Multi-modal solutions of instruction allow learners to select the content that best fits their needs, whether it’s learning a new skill, just-in-time problem-solving or reinforcing knowledge from a previous learning experience.

Our People

We begin by developing your eLearning Program in conjunction with your strategies, culture and events to leverage best practices—then working with you to maximize your eLearning success. Skillsoft eLearning consultants, customer support, and application engineers provide core program support services, a fundamental value-add. These teams deliver the expert eLearning services and advice to help you establish your general strategy for deployment and adoption of powerful learning programs.

Our Solutions

Skillsoft eLearning programs help ensure your staff has the most up-to-date knowledge on your most critical subjects at a fraction of classroom training costs. With our solutions, customers have saved as much as 68 PERCENT over traditional training methods.

Our Experience

We have delivered over a billion pieces of content to over 400 million users since 1998. This gives unparalleled expertise in deploying eLearning programs that deliver excellent ROI and enable a learning culture. Organizations that foster a learning culture perform better. They reap the rewards of greater employee engagement, satisfaction and retention, increased efficiency, and better customer service. Help your company become more innovative and adaptable.