Introduction to Duke University Press


Duke University Press supports scholars in doing what they are passionate about: learning, teaching, and effecting positive change in the world. This bold, progressive spirit drives both what and how we publish. Each year we publish about 140 new books, more than 50 journals, and multiple digital collections that transform current thinking and move fields forward.

Our work supports Duke University’s mission to advance the frontiers of knowledge and contribute to the international community of scholarship.

Originally founded as Trinity College Press in 1921, we became Duke University Press in 1926. The Press is located in Durham, North Carolina in the United States.


We exist to share the ideas of bold, progressive thinkers and support emerging and vital fields of scholarship.

We thrive as a nonprofit publisher because we adapt, innovate, and form strong global partnerships. It is our mission to find, curate, enrich, and disseminate scholarship that is vital to readers working at the forefront of their fields in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematics.



We take considered risks. We confront mainstream thinking and help new ideas and approaches take root.


We are highly selective. We draw attention to people with compelling and progressive ideas, and to people who are shaping the future of their disciplines.


We believe knowledge drives change. New insights provoke people to see the world from different perspectives, sparking ideas and moving fields forward.


We form strong, inclusive partnerships. We recognize that everyone is different and encourage collaborations that honor and nurture equality and diversity.