Our mission is to tame wild content

We create collections of critical research and learning materials.  We contextualize them and provide tools and supporting materials so that they can be used for learning. We add content that’s uncatalogued, undiscoverable, uncitable, prone to link rot, and likely to disappear. Where content is in danger of being lost forever, we make sure that it’s stabilized, findable, and preserved in a permanent home.

We work with leading authors, publishers, nonprofits, libraries, and archives to amplify their voices—and help them remain sustainable through royalties from licensing.

Our award-winning Commons services make this possible, using machine indexing, AI, and manual techniques to catalog and enrich content at speed and at low cost.  Faculty can upload links or content, which become searchable and available within minutes.  Over time, we enrich the content and build usage with new features, new links, and more context.

Here are the Commons we’re currently offering:

The world’s largest database for public policy, with almost 3 million reports, working papers, policy briefs, data sources, and media drawn from a directory of more than 21,000 IGOs, NGOs, think tanks, and research centers. It includes over a million pages of premium content from leading publishers and restored from organizations that have disappeared.

An enriched directory of more than 300 immersive, interactive, and virtual-reality (VR) experiences for education in mental health, with over 150 exclusive, originally created, licensed, and commissioned experiences.