MedicinesComplete is an online platform which offers access to world leading drug and healthcare resources. Medicines Complete unique collection of clinically-proven, unbiased pharmaceutical information provides practical guidance and insight to pharmaceutical and clinical practitioners, researchers, and regulatory professionals.

MedicinesComplete offers access to comprehensive and regularly updated medical information. It offers the confidence to safely prescribe medication to patients, be sure that research can be supported with unbiased facts and to provide globally relevant information for the best education.

MedicinesComplete supports both searching within a title and an integrated search across all titles, bringing together a wealth of evidence based, unbiased and regularly updated information:

  • More than 20,000 drug, poison, interaction and herbal monographs
  • Information to support prescribing, dispensing and administering drugs and medicines
  • Up-to-date guidance on disease treatments, disease management and therapeutics
  • Information on analysing, formulating and preparing drugs, medicines, and many other pharmaceutical products
  • The combined knowledge of hundreds of leading experts, scientists and researchers
  • Over 100,000 references original research, scientific papers, reports and case studies
  • International coverage from over 50 countries

About Pharmaceutical Press

We are the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s knowledge business.

Trusted worldwide for providing evidence-based pharmaceutical knowledge to improve patient safety, we support healthcare professionals to quickly and confidently make the most informed decisions on the safe and effective use of medicines.

Our respected resources are referred to daily by healthcare professionals globally, across healthcare, academic and research settings and relied on by many commercial organisations to operate their businesses. National agreements with parts of the National Health Service in the UK, mean that much of the NHS has unrestricted access to essential resources through our online platform MedicinesComplete.

The first choice for Pharmaceutical knowledge

When healthcare professionals need to make the right decision, Pharmaceutical Press puts evidence-based pharmaceutical knowledge at their fingertips.

With an unmatched commitment to independently sourcing, evaluating and communicating the most accurate information, our expert knowledge whether online, via license or in print is trusted worldwide.

As the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s knowledge business, we invest all of our resources into creating world-class tools that promote best practice in medicines use, which means healthcare professionals can quickly and confidently make the most informed decisions.