BPS Assessment

The learning and assessment branch of the British Pharmacological Society

BPS Assessment is the assessment and eLearning arm of the British Pharmacological Society. Its mission – to drive improvement in medication safety through  knowledge, assessment, and learning – has propelled the launch of multiple training products in countries all over the globe. Since its launch in 2017, BPS Assessment has grown a strong international customer base and looks to continue expanding its products and services in line with market need.

  • Assessment and eLearning materials for a range of disciplines – medicine, pharmacy, clinical pharmacology, nursing and other prescribing professions
  • Written by a team of prescribing experts, developed to improve patient safety worldwide
  • Aimed at a variety of levels, from undergraduate medical and pharmacy students to advanced prescribing professionals
  • Question styles in our assessment products mirror the UK Prescribing Safety Assessment and can be used to help candidates in passing their prescribing exams
  • Quality and accuracy make our products stand out from the crowd – recognised by international organisations such as Melboune University, Monash University, Gulf Medical University and McMaster University

Our Products

Prescribing Skills Assessment
Formative assessments (2 practice papers and 1 final paper) that can be localised for medical and pharmacy schools to use as they wish

International Prescribing Safety Assessment
The UK Prescribing Safety Assessment is now available for international candidates as a UK Standard set paper

5 targeted assessments for advanced prescribers covering AMR, deprescribing, general practice and hypertension

Over 50 sessions spanning clinical pharmacology and prescribing skills

CPT Elective
Two week clinical pharmacology and prescribing course