Effortless journal browsing and reading


Intuitive presentation of your subscribed titles organized with a powerful taxonomy

One-click access to content meets users expectation

Access on the web and with dedicated iOS and Android applications

Personalized for your users


With My Bookself, users may easily follow titles of interest and be notified when new articles are published

My articles enables offline reading of saved articles

Integration with EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley and other bibliographic services.

Easy to set up and maintain


Simple integration with all popular remote authentication systems, including EZProxy, WAM Proxy, OpenAthens, VPN and more

Automatic synchronization of holdings data from all major vendors

Integration with document fulfillment and ILL services for access to content that may not be available because of embargo or other reasons

BrowZine integrations


Connect from an article record in discovery services to the original complete journal issue in BrowZine

Increase serendipitous discovery of related articles

Easily bring users from individual articles deep into your rich journal collection

When coming from discovery services, users spend an average of 3.5 minutes browsing 8 additional pages of related material