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About Credo Reference

Credo reference is a multi- publisher online reference resource covering every discipline. It offers authoritative content from many of the world’s best reference publishers- from 10,000- word entries to quick look-up definitions. Credo is highly regarded for the innovative way it sets the information in context and inspires further discovery.

Credo guides students through topics and concepts using visualization tools and extensive cross referencing.

Credo Facts:

  • 3+million entries
  • 400+ titles
  • 200,000+ multimedia items
  • 60+ publishers
  • Seamless searching of your other library resources

Credo reference is a completely customizable general reference solution for learners and librarians. Its full text, aggregated content covers every major subject from the worlds.

Credo reference partners with the world’s leading publishing brands to produce value-added reference service. In all its activities, Credo Reference currently works with 60+ publishers, and this number is increasing all the time.

Credo provides students with the facts and information in an instuitive interface that enables them to explore topics with a certain degree of depth before heading off to use specialist resources for extensive research.