Terrorism, Violent Radicalisation, and Mental Health

Editor(s) : Jaime Breilh and Series edited by Nancy Krieger

Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication April 2021
ISBN 9780190492786
eISBN 9780190492816
Language English
Page 280


In recent years, mental illness has been frequently discussed in relation to radicalization, violence, and terrorism, yet there are few resources that explore the broad range of interconnecting factors that lead to this complex behavioural phenomenon.

Terrorism, Violent Radicalization and Mental Health brings together distinct disciplinary and ideological narratives on the political, social, economic, and cultural aspects of radicalisation and terrorism today. Across 18 chapters, it assesses a wide range of groups and types of extremism and terrorism from around the world, as well as key topics such as technology, social and international policies, ethics and cultural competency, and the role psychiatrists and mental health professionals play in treatment, management, and prevention.

Written and edited by a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals, researchers, and legal experts from around the world, this resource bringing together theoretical and evidence-based perspectives, as well as practical real-life cases and first-person accounts, and suggestions for future interventions.