Graph-based keyword spotting

Author : Stauffer, Michael , Fischer, Andreas & Riesen, Kaspar
Publisher : World Scientific Publishing
Publication year : 2019
Copyright year : 2020
Series : Series in Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence ; Vol. 86
Pages : 297
Language : English


Keyword Spotting (KWS) has been proposed as a flexible and more error-tolerant alternative to full transcriptions. In most cases, it allows to retrieve arbitrary query words in handwritten historical document.
This comprehensive compendium gives a self-contained preamble and visually attractive description to the field of graph-based KWS. The volume highlights a profound insight into each step of the whole KWS pipeline, viz. image preprocessing, graph representation and graph matching.
Written by two world-renowned co-authors, this unique title combines two very current research fields of graph-based pattern recognition and document analysis. The book serves as an attractive teaching material for graduate students, as well as a useful reference text for professionals, academics and researchers.