Digital Cities

Between History and Archaeology

Author : Maurizio Forte and Helena Murteira
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication 2020
ISBN 9780190498900
eISBN 9780190498924
Language English


The guiding premise of this book is the role of the study of the city, its display and dissemination, in the information network of digital cities. A collection of essays on the ways the city can now be studied and presented, this book surveys the current situation in regard to various visualizations of cities of the past and present, built on historical evidence and scientific hypothesis. The chapters reflect the authors’ wide-ranging fields of interest and experience, from archeology to urban planning. Current methods of visualization, including 3D models and virtual reality simulations, are described and critiqued, primarily in regard to the field of cyber-archeology. Thus, the book offers a view of cities in the digital realm as simultaneously memory, imagination, and experience. In this way, it depicts how the ever-changing character of the past, present, and future is reformulated and re-presented in our digital era.