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About World Scientific

World Scientifics’ rapidly expanding journal program has grown to include 134 international peer-reviewed journals. The program has kept pace with the latest developments in scientific research, providing prompt responses to the scientific community’s demand for publication outlets in rapidly advancing fields such as nanotechnology, biomedical science and computational science. In recent years, the scope was broadened to include materials science, medical science, life sciences, banking and finance, and business management. They are also the exclusive distributor for all the journals published by Imperial College Press.

WorldSciNet, the journal website, has been developed to further enhance World Scientific services to the academic and professional communities. WorldSciNet provides an array of services which includes: free table-of-contents e-mail alerts on new issues of the journals, latest news related to the journals, free online sample articles, feature articles, search functions and related links, to name a few. Researchers will also be able to request for complimentary copies and recommend journals to their colleagues within a few clicks.

In the near future, World Scientific will provide an interactive platform for researchers to communicate and exchange ideas via some of the journal sites.

A total of 123 journals in full text are now available in downloadable PDF files. All abstracts are available in HTML format and can be accessed freely.

World Scientific aims to publish the highest quality scientific research papers and to disseminate them through fast and reliable channels.