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About Serials Solutions

Jumpstart e-resource access and management at your library

Most libraries require more than one type of service to provide a complete discovery solution to their patrons. Similarly, most libraries need more than one service to adequately manage and assess e-resources so that they can improve workflows, reduce workloads, and reduce costs.

As the nature of library collections has changed, Serials Solutions has changed the way people use and manage electronic resources for research. In 2000, librarian Peter McCracken started Serials Solutions to help libraries control their constantly changing electronic collections. It is a company founded by a librarian for librarians.

Today, Serials Solutions offers a complete and integrated e-resource access and management solutions that enables libraries to provide the best research experiences for patrons.

Serials Solutions delivers complete and integrated E-Resource Access and Management

Services (ERAMS). Our e-discovery solutions enable you to provide patrons with easy access to your library’s collections—both print and electronic—and promote usage of the resources in which you have so heavily invested. Our e-management solutions enable you to more efficiently and effectively manage e-resources so you can reduce workloads, make better decisions, and lower costs. All of our solutions work together to help re-establish your library as the most compelling starting place for research.

Total ERAMS – a complete E-Resource Access and Management

  • Makes e-resources more available and manageable
  • Helps increase management efficiency and effectiveness, improve workflows, reduce workloads, and reduce costs
  • Provides a complete access and discovery experience for your patrons
  • Maximizes usage and value of e-resources
  • Professional consulting helps you get it right



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  4. 360 Resource ManagerOpen Sub
  5. 360 MARC UpdatesOpen Sub
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