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About Scriver’s OMMBID

OMMBID — The Online Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease.
The definitive source for genetic research, Scriver’s OMMBID provides online access to the leading genetic information from renowned international experts.

Researchers, educators, students, and clinicians now have improved online access to a compendium of genetic disorders and information from the entire field of genetics. Building on a legacy of editorial excellence that began in 1960 with the first edition, edited by Stanbury, Fredrickson, and Wyngaarden, OMMBID provides the latest knowledge on the molecular and metabolic underpinnings of a growing list of inherited diseases, as well as updates on pathophysiology and treatment.

Relaunching in Winter 2007, OMMBID will move to a more robust platform with a streamlined the interface, and enhanced features and functionalities that make the process of online research even easier. In addition to searching by keyword, users can now limit their search to images, tables or even a discrete section of chapters. With the new personalized features, individuals can build their own image libraries, create annotations, and bookmark pages as well. OMMBID has also added monthly podcasts to highlight new content.

Expert International Leadership

OMMBID’s renowned Editorial Board guides the site’s rich content, soliciting updates from acclaimed researchers and clinicians from around the world, as well as contributing their own expertise.