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Springer expands the realm of scientific research through the Online Archives Collection. Scientists and researchers can access over a century of scientific evolution and complete historical information through the Springer Online Journal Archives and the Online Book Series Archives.

Online Journal Archives

Springer has created a comprehensive body of scientific, medical and technical research documentation accessible to scientists, researchers and other professionals.

Springer has digitized over 900 journals chronicled from Volume 1, Issue 1 in the Springer Online Journal Archives. Springer Online Journal Archives will be offered in subject area packages. Journals may be assigned to more than one package.

Online Journal Archives add value to your existing Springer collection with journal articles published prior to 1996. Consortia pricing is also available. Third Party sales will be permitted. For current customers existing site licenses give access to articles originally published from 1997 to the present.

Online Book Series Archives

Online Book Series Archives add value to your existing Springer collection by granting ready access to Nobel Prize winning publications and to the research these works have impacted. Online Book Series Archives form an open gateway to documentation of chronicled scientific evolution and information. Online Book Series Archives are available for milestone book series from Springer. Each book series title is available from Volume I, Issue 1. Some publications date as far back as 1902.

Added Benefits for Researchers

Researchers rely on Springer Online Book Series, and now their Archives, to find information to solve critical research problems. Through SpringerLink’s advanced functionality, researchers will be able to retrieve information from the past century, making search results more efficient and productive, and saving valuable research time. Works will be fully searchable by keyword, publication or article title, and will include HTML title/author abstracts information and XML references. DOI’s will be inserted at the book and chapter level. With a link to the archive from a current publication home page and integrated cross-searching, researchers will easily obtain the results they need

Access to Springer Online Archives Collection

All institutions currently holding SpringerLink subscriptions will have access to the more than 1.8 million archive records in the abstract database. Consortia pricing and flexible terms are available. For more specific pricing and title information, contact your local Springer representative or visit