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Materials Science International

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About Materials Science International

MSIT®, Materials Science International Team is a network of materials scientists and laboratories competent in materials’ constitution and the experimental & computer thermodynamics of materials. The team formed during the critical evaluation program, which resulted in the publication of the series Ternary Alloys.  MSI controls these global efforts more and more with this Internet based workplace. The evaluation programs are also coordinated with other programs through APDIC, the Alloy Phase Diagram International Commission. MSIT® is a community of scientists highly competent in materials constitution, thermodynamics or crystallography in addition to their individual specific expertise. The joint competence of MSIT® serves an enormously wide field of materials science and applications.

MSI Eureka – is the world’s leading interactive database for high-quality evaluated phase diagrams and related constitutional data. It provides information on all inorganic materials systems: above 47,000 element combinations.

Product Name
MSI Eureka

Material Science International

Data Coverage
Database with source on ALL inorganic material systems: >47.000 systems & largest bibliographic data base on materials constitution, >255.000 entries

Subject include :

  • Material Science
  • Engineering
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Crystallography
  • Thermodynamics
  • Crystal Growth
  • Alloy Development
  • Industrial Engineering