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Access Dunia is a digital agency that specializes in user experience and information management industry.

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No. 12, Jalan Pemberita U1/49 Temasya Industrial Park, Glenmarie Seksyen U1, 40150 Shah Alam Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA.

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About iGroup

iGroup is made up of a group of companies in the information industry across Asia-Pacific. In recognition of the cooperation and partnerships in the companies have with each other, iGroup was formally formed in 1999 to share our resources and to better serve our clients and partners by providing a common identity across countries, and offer services that previously a single company could not.

Today iGroup is among the largest providers of information services in the region. From eDatabases to eBooks to eLearning, we are continuously improving and expanding our services to the information and knowledge industries. iGroup seeks to be the leading information solutions provider in Asia -Pacific

iGroup is a key player in the information services field in Asia-Pacific, and we bring to both partners and clients alike a wide range of services and broad coverage of territories not available from any single corporation. Our focus is, and will remain, providing timely, accurate and, more importantly, quality content to Asia-Pacific

iGroup employs over 250 people from various disciplines and cultures from Asia-Pacific, ensuring we understand the people and their needs. We strongly promote and encourage knowledge acquisition and skills training among our staff and make a large investment in staff development every year. We are cultivating the knowledge professionals of this century, even as we enable our clients to do the same.

iGroup serves over 90% of the institutes of higher learning in this region. We have more than 700 accounts in academia and corporations. Today, we are the single largest aggregator of information services in Asia-Pacific.

For more information about the respective iGroup companies, please click on the links below. Click here to visit iGroup’s homepage or here for iGroup’s brochure.

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iGroup Taiwan
IG Knowledge Service Ltd.
IG Publishing Pte Ltd
Info Access Distribution (HK) Ltd.
Info Access Distribution Ptd. Ltd. ( Singapore)
– Info Access Myanmar
– Info Access Vietnam
– InfoHOST Ptd. Ltd.
– ChoiceTEXT Phil. Inc.
– Booknet Co. Ltd.
MegaTEXT Phil. Inc.
Shinwon Datanet Inc.