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About Keesings

Keesing’s was founded in 1931 with the intention of creating a lasting archive of original, accurate, and objective articles on the world’s political, social, and economic events. Our team of experienced news writers and editors (based in Cambridge, UK) create a series of concise, clear articles which we publish every month, providing our readers with a digestible but detailed summary of global news.

Keesing’s online archive offers the full content of our century-spanning archive. In the 1930s, Keesing’s was published weekly. This issue included coverage of the Czech crisis, when Britain and France brokered a plan whereby the Czechoslovak government ceded the Sudetenland to Nazi Germany. Click on the thumbnails to the view the original pages.

Among the events covered are elections and changes of government; wars, treaties, appointments, and diplomacy; terrorism and issues of internal security; legislation, budgets, economic developments and international agreements; actions by the UN and other international organizations; natural disasters, environmental issues, and scientific discoveries.

Without the constraints of overnight deadlines we have the luxury of compiling a complete and comprehensive inventory of the world’s most important political, social and economic events, month by month. Without the pressure of having to sell a newspaper or broadcast each day, we can take time to research a story and authenticate its facts from a wide range of sources. In doing so we continue to expand an archive which has already endured for three quarters of a century and which will continue to have relevance for as long as there are those who want and need reliable information.

Keesing’s World News Archive is a web-based database comprising our full archive – more than 95,000 articles, first from 1931-87 as Keesing’s Contemporary Archives, and then as Keesing’s Record of World Events from 1987 to the present. We continue to publish and add to this archive at the rate of about 150 articles per month, thereby adding layer upon layer of recorded fact.