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About Karger’s online service

After the launch of Karger’s online service in focus in October 2009 on the subject of Influenza followed by in focus: Diabetes in April 2010, we are very pleased to introduce a third new topic in focus: Personalized Medicine. in focus provides a quick and convenient overview of current content on a specific topic from Karger’s publishing programme. As of February 2011, in focus at www.karger.com/in-focus presents collected original articles, reviews and book chapters published between 2007/2008 and 2011 on the topic personalized medicine and will be continuously updated. Access is available free-of-charge until the end of July 2011. We would value your help in making this service and new subject collection known to interested faculty members and researchers in the field of personlized medicine and affiliated disciplines at your institution. You can do so by using the following options: • Forward the e-mail below (which contains the necessary link www.karger.com/in-focus) to your end users • Set up the link www.karger.com/in-focus on your library website; whenever possible, with a short note “free online access to the latest Karger articles and chapters on personlized medicine”