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About Karger

Karger Publishers, officially named S. Karger AG, is an international publishing house for medicine and the natural sciences in Switzerland which was founded in 1890. Karger specializes in research and clinical medicine covering the entire spectrum of human medicine. Karger maintains highest-quality standards in production and content by publishing peer-reviewed manuscripts only. Karger produces approx. 80 journals, 40 book series and numerous non-serial book titles per year, primarily in English, covering both the traditional fields of medicine as well as the new and upcoming subjects of interest.

Subjects Coverage     :

Allergy; Anatomy, Embryology, Histology & Cytology; Andrology; Anaesthesiology; Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Physiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology; Communication Disorders; Complementary Medicine; Dental Medicine; Endocrinology; Gastroenterology; Gerontology; Gynaecology, Haematology; Virology; Cardiovascular System; Dermatology; Genetics; Immunology; Molecular Biology; Nephrology; Neurology / Neurobiology; Nutrition; Ophthalmology; Orthopaedics; Pharmaceutics; Psychiatry; Neurosurgery; O & G; Oncology; Pathology; Oto-Rhino-Laryngology; Phonetics; Physiology; Sports Medicine; Paediatrics; Radiology; Respiratory Systems,  Pneumology; Urology, Veterinary Medicine; Rheumatology / Musculoskeletal System; Zoology.

URL                           : http://www.karger.com
User Level                 :  Unlimited

Products                      : eJournals
Coverage Years          : 1998 – current

Products                      : eBooks Series / Non Serial Collection
Coverage Years          : 1997 – 2013 / 1997 – 2012

Subscription terms    :

  1. Calendar Year subscription ( Jan – Dec )
  2. Perpetual access for subscribed year content
  3. No additional maintenance fees for archive content.
  4. Unlimited simultaneous access
  5. Easy access via IP address
  6. Any additional site (affiliated hospitals) will be charged at 10% of the consortia fee (per site).
  7. Maintenance of existing print subscription is required can be maintained in e-format.

Karger collections :

  1. Karger eBook CollectionOpen Sub
  2. Karger Journal CollectionOpen Sub