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Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

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About Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

Founded in 1818, the Institute of Civil Engineers ( ICE ) is the world’s oldest professional engineering body, and ICE Proceedings are the world’s oldest continuously published civil engineering journals. The ICE Virtual Library contains the full text of all material published in ICE Proceedings and various associated publications, since the first publication in 1836. The ICE Virtual Library is one of the largest repositories of full-text civil engineering papers in the world, allowing comprehensive searching across over 20,000 articles. The ICE Virtual Library publishes several indispensible and market-leading titles in civil engineering in conjunction with Thomas Thelford.

Key Benefits

ICE Virtual Library contains more than 20,000 articles since 1836 spanning 170 years of research and experience makes it a powerful research tool and a valuable teaching resource.

For the researchers :

  • New areas of activity to get up to speed with current thinking
  • Seminal papers to re-assess what was actually said in some of the landmark civil engineering papers
  • Research projects to access papers already published on a topic

For the academics:

  • Techniques to trace how methods have developed
  • Teaching resource to help students learn about best practice and understand origins of basic principles

For the consultants :

  • Refurbishment project as to access the papers on the original construction work
  • Project problem by accessing information on similar problems and how they were solved

Product Name
ICE Virtual Library

Institution of Civil Engineers


Data Coverage
Current journals package (24 journals: content coverage from 2003 to current) & Archive Collections for ICE Proceedings ( 1836 – 2002 ), Magazine of Concrete Research ( 1975 – 2002 ) and Geotechnique ( 1948 – 2002 )

Subject Coverage :

  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Construction Process & Management
  • Built Environment
  • Water, Hydrology & Coastal Engineering
  • Construction Materials
  • Environment
  • Transportation
  • History of Civil Engineering

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Subscription License is calendar year based and covers online subscription from January to December of each year.
  2. All access is with unlimited access.
  3. Access control by IP address only.
  4. Subscribers have perpetual rights for the content on subscribed year and the one time purchase Archive Collection.
  5. Subscribers are allowed to cancel print.