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About IGI Global

Founded in 1988, IGI Global (formerly Idea Group Inc.) is an innovative international disseminator of knowledge, currently specializing in books, reference works, journals, and teaching cases in computer science and information technology management.

Through the imprints Information Science Reference and Medical Information Science Reference, IGI Global produces distinguished research publications empowering professionals in all fields that are impacted by technology to keep up with the rapid pace of technological innovations and findings, with a unique focus on the “human side”—interaction with and management of information and technology.

To provide libraries with electronic full-text access to this wealth of content,  IGI Global launched its InfoSci family of full-text databases:

  • InfoSci-Journals (formerly IGI Full-Text Online Journal Collection) link
  • InfoSci-Books link
  • InfoSci-Cases (formerly IGI Teaching Case Collection) link
  • 12 Topical Aggregated Collections
  • Dictionary of Information Science & Technology Database

Unmatched Coverage of Specialized Topics

  • Strong coverage of core computer science topics such as artificial intelligence, data mining and warehousing, Semantic Web services, and more
  • Strong coverage of the “human side” of technology
    • Not just technical issues, but research exploring what people and organizations do with technology in specific settings
      • Business– Education– Social Sciences
      • Government– Health Care– And much more!
    • Social and interpersonal issues
    • Leading publisher of research in educational technology, distance learning

Products & Services offer by BMJ;

  1. InfoSci-CasesOpen Sub
  2. InfoSci- EBookOpen Sub
  3. InfoSci – JournalOpen Sub