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About IG Publishing

IG Publishing is a spin-off company from iGroup Asia, the leading library information service provider in Asia.  Since 1999, we have started promoting online ebooks to libraries throughout the Asia Pacific region.  Back then, it was clear to us that ebooks will revolutionalise libraries in the way students, faculties, and researchers will consume information.  Although, the market wasn’t ready, we knew the eventuality.

Not just because ebooks saves trees and shelf space, but also because it is the natural evolution of the learning landscape.  Under the leadership of our Group President, Mr Lee Pit Teong, IG Publishing was incorporated to meet this specific changing demand.

  1. ACP MedicineOpen Sub
  2. ACS SurgeryOpen Sub
  3. American College of Physicians PressOpen Sub
  4. American Management Association (AMACOM)Open Sub
  5. American Society for Testing and MaterialsOpen Sub
  6. American Society of Health-System PharmacistsOpen Sub
  7. Amsterdam University PressOpen Sub
  8. Anmol PublicationsOpen Sub
  9. Artech HouseOpen Sub
  10. British Standard Institute (BSI)Open Sub
  11. Burma Studies CollectionOpen Sub
  12. Clinical PublishingOpen Sub
  13. Columbia University PressOpen Sub
  14. Dorling Kindersley (DK)Open Sub
  15. ElsevierOpen Sub
  16. FA DavisOpen Sub
  17. Global Market Briefings (GMB)Open Sub
  18. Global Media PublicationsOpen Sub
  19. Global Professional Publishing (GPP)Open Sub
  20. Hart PublishingOpen Sub
  21. HCProOpen Sub
  22. International Engineering Consortium (IEC)Open Sub
  23. J. Ross PublicationOpen Sub
  24. The Institution of Engineering and TechnologyOpen Sub
  25. Kogan PageOpen Sub
  26. Manson PublishingOpen Sub
  27. Math SolutionOpen Sub
  28. Multi-Science PublishingOpen Sub
  29. Osprey PublishingOpen Sub
  30. Priceton University PressOpen Sub
  31. Reaktion BooksOpen Sub
  32. ScitechOpen Sub
  33. Scitech VideoOpen Sub
  34. Society of Industrial and Applied MathematicsOpen Sub
  35. ThorogoodOpen Sub
  36. University of Chicago PressOpen Sub
  37. WIT PressOpen Sub
  38. World ScientificOpen Sub