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CINDAS LLC provides critically evaluated materials properties databases for thermal, mechanical, electrical, physical and other properties of various materials including aerospace alloys. We provide Web-based applications for searching and comparing continually updated data. There are over 5,000 materials and over 50,000 data curves in the Thermophysical Properties of Matter Database (TPMD), over 750 materials,  over 15,000 data curves in the Microelectronics Packaging Materials Database (MPMD),  and over 80,000 data curves in the Aerospace Structural Metals Database (ASMD).

  • ASMD — Aerospace Structural Metals Database.

It is a database created from the Aerospace Structural Metals Handbook (ASMH) — a 6 volume handbook containing information on metal alloys used in the automotive, construction equipment, academic,   and of course, the aerospace fields. This database contains over 220 alloys — stainless steels, magnesium alloys, titanium alloys, nickel base alloys, cobalt alloys, beryllium alloys, columbium alloys, molybdenum alloys, tantalum alloys and tungsten alloys, making it extremely comprehensive.

This database was designed and developed under the United States Air Force Materials Directorate at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, with cooperation from Purdue University.  CINDAS, or the Center for Information and Numerical Data Analysis and Synthesis is a department at Purdue and is operated by the US Department of Defense. That said, this database is highly authoritative.

  • MPMD – Microelectronics Packaging Materials Databases

The MPMD database contains data and information on thermal, mechanical, electrical and physical properties of electronics packaging materials, it is available in a Web-based format.

  • TPMD – Thermophysical Properties of Matter Databases

The TPMD, contains thermophysical properties of over 5,000 materials with approximately 50,000 data curves. This is the searchable, electronic version of the Thermophysical Properties of Matter, the TPRC data series. It is available in a Web-based format.

  • SAH – Structural Alloys Handbook

SAH, which originated to assist designers in the metals and alloys selection process, draws on a database of well-defined test results and metals properties information. It includes representative, detailed characterization data for the more common metals and alloys important to construction, machine tool, heavy equipment, automotive, and general manufacturing industries. The SAH covers wrought steel, cast iron, wrought stainless steel, cast steel, wrought and cast aluminum, copper brass, bronze, magnesium, and titanium. This handbook consists of three volumes, 2,500 pages.

  • DTDH – Handbook for Damage Tolerant Design

DTDH is a comprehensive compilation of fracture and crack growth data for high strength alloys. Each alloy section contains a data summary, fracture toughness data, and crack growth resistance data. The five-volume, 3600 page set was compiled by the Materials Directorate of Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

There really is nothing else on the market with the type of data that these two databases contain. There is one product on the market called the Handbook for Damage Tolerant Design, but it contains only the methods used to run tests and some related information; it contains very little actual data. It appears that the company that hosts the free website is actually trying to sell a Finite Element Analysis and Modeling (FMEA) software program rather than any actual hard data.