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Chemical Abstract Services – SciFinder

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About Chemical Abstract Services – SciFinder

CAS produces the world’s largest and most comprehensive databases of chemical information. Its principal databases, CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS (CA) and REGISTRY, include nearly 21 million abstracts of chemistry-related literatures and patents and more than 43 million substances records respectively.

SciFinder which is also produced by CAS has changed the way scientists conduct research. Today, thousands of scientists in major chemical and pharmaceutical companies around the world use SciFinder to explore research topics, browse scholarly journals and stay up-to-date on the most recent scientific developments every day.

It offers the most extensive collection of patent and more than 9,000 journal references together in one source. This includes

  • CAS databases 1907 – present (Caplus, REGISTRY)
  • 24-hour access
  • Chemical reaction searching (CASREACT)
  • Chemical catalog Information (CHEMCATS)
  • Regulated chemicals (CHEMLIST)
  • Links to full text of journals and patents
  • SciFinder Substructure Module (SSM)

SciFinder allows you to

1)      Explore your search by Research Topic, by Author Name, by Company Name, by Panorama – a new and unique visualisation tool and by Document Identifier.

2)      Monitor the latest literature on favourite topics (Keep me Posted), including new structure alerts

3)      Explore by Nucleotide and Protein Sequence

4)      Get Related Information to augment your Explore tasks free of charge

–          Review references that either cite or are cited by a particular reference or set of references.

–          Explore compounds and sequences found in selected references in a reference answer set. Available with subscription pricing only.

–          Extend your SciFinder Explore to the World Wide Web via eScience®, using Google®, ChemIndustry, and the Fiz-Chemie Berlin ChemGuide search engines.

5)      Link to Spotfire® DecisionSite™ for Lead Discovery to use additional interactive visualization and information analysis tools.

6)      Search by Chemical Substances whereby you may Identify a substance or reaction using chemical structure (draw a chemical structure), Identify substances using names or identification numbers, Identify a substance using its molecular formula and Use functional groups in reaction queries