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American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP ) in Products

American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP ) is the leading publisher in the field of pediatrics. With titles in both print and electronics formats, covering all ares of health care for children, AAP jourls and periodicals are among the most respected and frequently cited in the world.
Oxford University Press in Art & Literature, Business & Economics, Computers & IT, Engineering, General, Products, Science & Technology, Social Science & Humanities

Oxford Journals is a division of Oxford University Press, which is a department of Oxford University
Thieme in Products, Science & Technology

Thieme is an award-winning international medical and science publisher serving health professionals and students for more than 100 years.
Medicines Complete in Products

MedicinesComplete is an online platform which offers access to world leading drug and healthcare resources.
Karger in Products

The family-owned publishing company was founded in 1890 in Berlin, when Samuel Karger decided to launch a publishing company devoted entirely to medicine and science, and the growing demand for specialized journals
BC Decker in Products

BC Decker, Inc is a growth company serving the informational needs of health care professionals and students. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario.
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