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About Books24x7

Books24x7 offers a revolutionary approach to problem solving and learning by providing searchable, online access to the full, unabridged contents of thousands of professional business and technical books.  Subscriptions to Books24x7 feature:

Every page, word, graphic, figure, schematic, formula and table in the original books is available for searching, browsing and reading online. Even the companion CD contents for many of the books are accessible.

Well-known industry publishers contribute their latest and best selling titles, as well as their classics – content users respect and trust.

New books are added almost every day, ensuring currency and comprehensive subject coverage.

All of the books in a collection, including newly added, are accessible at any time.

Critical Content and Five Unique Collections:

Books are organized into topically-relevant collections, including:

ITPro: Best-in-class technology content covering over 100 different topics.

EngineeringPro: The premier multidisciplinary engineering reference resource.

BusinessPro: Key content on all aspects of business topics, professional skills & development.

In addition, Books24x7 offers specialty collections of exclusive content including ExecBlueprints and Well-BeingEssentialsExecBlueprints are need-to-read best practices reports authored by top C-level business executives in the USA and around the world.   ExecBlueprints help prepare students and practitioners to formulate planning and action for today’s toughest business challenges, leveraging the knowledge of executives who have successfully faced the same challenges.  Well-BeingEssentials is a powerful database with over 1,025 front list titles covering all subjects related to wellness initiatives. With Well-BeingEssentials patrons can learn how to lead a healthier, more product lifestyle