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About BMJ OnExamination

Online revision for health professionals is the leading resource for online assessment amongst health professionals. Our highly efficient question marking and analysis engine has helped more than 140,000 doctors, in over 100 countries, revise for their examinations. A choice of learning techniques including, ‘Adapt for Me’, means that gaps in knowledge are identified and learning is improved faster.

It is one of the most experienced and effective learning support systems available for medical students today. BMJ OnExamination is divided into resources for those studying in their early years of medical school (years 1-3) and those studying later on (years 4-5), with revision content varying appropriately for each year. Years 1-3 resource:  Focuses on the area of integration of basic sciences and clinical medicine covered in the early years of medical school

Years 4-5 resource : Designed for the later years in medical school, this has all the material across all specialties including data interpretation and clinical images. The site features adaptive learning which personalises the website to your educational needs. This effective revision tool means you can analyse your performance and quickly realize areas of weakness where you may need to turn your focus.