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About Begell House

Begell House publishes books and journals in print and on-line that provide the latest research data and information across a broad spectrum of engineering and sciences. With titles in heat and mass transfer, multiphase systems, fluid dynamics, computational chemical and medical sciences and applications, Begell House is your source for timely research data and information in all areas of science, medicine, and technology.

BEGELL DIGITAL LIBRARY, (BDL), is a comprehensive, full-text database providing the latest research data and information across a broad spectrum of engineering and biomedical sciences and applied works. BDL contains 32 professional peer-reviewed journals, major engineering references, International Centre for Heat & Mass Transfer conference proceedings, eBooks and more. All information has been gathered from the most reliable sources in a given field and has been peer-reviewed and indexed.

Product Name
Begell Digital Library

Begell House


Data Coverage

  • Begell Digital Library (BDL Plus) : all contents including online archive.
  • Medical Collection (MC Plus) : all medical journals, including online archive
  • Engineering Collection (EC Plus) : all engineering journals, databases, and ebook series, including online archive

Subject include:

  • Heat and Mass transfer
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational Chemical and Medical Sciences and Applications
  • Aerospace
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Nanotechnology
  • Thermal & Fluids Science and Engineering

Terms & Conditions

  • Annual Year
  • No prorate subscription.
  • Site Definition:
    – A site is a location of an institution within a given city.
    – If locations exist beyond a given city, then a multi-site license applies.
  • Archival Rights for Subscribers:
    – Perpetual access is given for our online journals and proceedings content. Should a subscriber cancel, they will maintain perpetual access rights to the content for the years in which they held paid subscriptions.
    – Access will remain via authentication at the Begell House server