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About Anmol Publications

Books are the best companions of a man. It’s the greatest weapon. And books show us the light of civilization. Books are not merely a business for us but a way of life, destination of enterprise and the origin of our inspirations. As a publisher, a great responsibility is entrusted on us by time to shape the intellect of the people, generate productive thoughts and offer avenues of knowledge, which will ensure a flourishing future for all.

We stepped into the publishing sector in 1984 and have never looked behind since then. It wouldn’t be gainsay if we state the fact that we have achieved many a milestone in the path of progress. Publishing under our own high-flying trademark, we have positioned ourselves as a credible name among the bibliophiles and readers all over the world. We are one of the most renowned and largest book publishers in India and we have been spreading our wings throughout the world. Our presence is being felt at the international level in increasing proportions and we are successfully wooing readers from all races, religions and ethnicity from all over the world.

Quenching the thirst of knowledge of thousands of people, we are a force in the academic world that feels the pride of being a part of the knowledge revolution that is shaping the future of human civilization. It’s a matter of great honor for us to have Mr. J.L.Kumar as our Managing Director. He is a vibrant visionary and has strived since the very beginning for the development and diversification. Intellect, teamwork and respect for the individual are the hallmarks of Anmol, which have been instrumental in giving us a beloved place in the hearts of our readers and have made Anmol a name to reckon with far and wide.