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American Library Association ( RDA Toolkit )

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About American Library Association ( RDA Toolkit )

RDA Toolkit is a tool for librarians to learn and use RDA, a library standard for resources cataloguing, aiming to replace its former version, AACR2. RDA Toolkit is currently the only source to have access to RDA, beside the print book.

Benefits of RDA include:

  • A structure based on the conceptual models of FRBR (functional requirements for bibliographic data) and FRAD (functional requirements for authority data) to help catalog users find the information they need more easily
  • A flexible framework for content description of digital resources that also serves the needs of libraries organizing traditional resources
  • A better fit with emerging database technologies, enabling institutions to introduce efficiencies in data capture and storage retrievals

RDA Toolkit highlights:

  • RDA instructions that are searchable and browseable
  • AACR2 Rule Number Search of RDA instructions
  • Workflows, mappings, examples: tools to customize the RDA instruction set to support organizational training and processes
  • Two views of RDA content—by table of contents and by RDA element set view
  • What you need to evaluate and implement RDA; to make cataloging decisions based on principles; to increase efficiency; to facilitate collaboration; and to help position the community for the future by making bibliographic data accessible on the Web
  • Full text of AACR2 with links to RDA
  • LCPS (Library of Congress Policy Statements)

Product Name
RDA Toolkit

Library Science

Content Type
Cataloguing Tool


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