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American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP )

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About American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP )

American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP ) is the leading publisher in the field of pediatrics. With titles in both print and electronics formats, covering all ares of health care for children, AAP jourls and periodicals are among the most respected and frequently cited in the world.

AAP grand RoundsTM
Literature Review & Evidence-Based Medicine- This literature review newsletter
feature evidence-based summaries of clinical content from 100 journals. ‘Weighing the
Evidence’ provides medical literature interpretation assistance.

AAP News
The official Newsmagazine of the AAP – APP News is the trusted resources of product recall alerts, pediatric medication warinings, and key advancements in pediatrics.

The Essential Online Neonatology Journal – NewReviewsTM is the AAP’s online-only
neonatology journal dedicated to delivering up-to-the-minute information and professional resources including expert review articles, international perspectives, e-Archives,
and more.

The flagship journal of the AAP – Pediatrics has been ranked #1 out of 74 pediatrics journals by Thomson/ISI Journal Citation Reports for the fourth consecutive year. Celebrating 60 years of authoritative content, Pediatrics is also among the top 100 most-cited journals in all science and medicine.